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Together We Can Give Hope! Volunteer with Hope-for-Liberia.

Help us pack goods for our next shipment to Liberia.

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You create it. You name it. Share your fundraising ideas!

No idea is too small; no age group is too young. All ages and groups are welcome. Are you a leader of a youth group or ministry? Spread Gods love by sharing your godly ideas! Sing Gospel music? Help us raise money with your anointed voices! Put on a gospel concert and let’s come together, fellowship and bring Liberia’s poverty line down! Member of student council? Involve your student body! Help your class go out in style and be remembered across the world! Are you a member of an organization or club? Kiwanis, Rotary, you are all welcomed!  Part of a sorority or fraternity? Help ‘stomp’ some funds in, get involved! Into fashion? Put on a fashion show! So, you think you can dance? Host a dance performance and raise money for us! Got skills in the kitchen? Cook your favorite dish and host a taste off! All participation is welcomed! You create it! You run it because Together We Can Give Hope! Share your fundraising idea here.

Partner with Us  

Hope-for-Liberia is always seeking people to partner with. To learn how you can partner with us, please send all inquiries to We are open to partnership with churches, schools, universities, business corporations, organizations, fraternities, sororities plus more.


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Can purchase a seventy-seven-gallon barrel that will serve two purposes: First, to pack and send goods to Liberia. Second, to serve as storage for water once in Liberia.


Can build an accessible ramp for the elderly and disabled.


Can purchase a hundred-pound bag of rice and feed a family of eight for one month!


Can cover tuition & registration cost for year one year for grades K-8


Can cover tuition & registration cost for one year for students in high school


Can cover tuition & registration cost for one year in college


Can build a water pump in a village. Sponsor a pump and have it commemorated after you or a loved one!



Help rebuild an existing church. Many churches in Liberia do not have proper flooring, some do not have roofs, let alone church equipment. Let’s come together and help restore their place of worship by sponsoring a church in Liberia.


Help sponsor a fifteen-passenger van. Our mission team in Liberia needs help with reaching the many communities and villages they service. Transportation in Liberia is very sparse and unreliable. As a result, this van will help us reach our population, as well as benefit volunteers who travel from the United States to Liberia to assist within the organization.