Future Programs

Multi-Purpose Center

  • Hope-for-Liberia plans to create multi-purpose centers in various rural communities throughout Liberia. These centers will focus on academic, social, mental and physical development of children, elderly and disabled citizens. Our goal is to create an environment which will allow all citizens to reach their full potential.
  • We will employee college students and graduates as tutors and mentors for children and young adults. The tutors and mentors will provide an environment for students to do homework, learn leadership and social skills, and guide their activities while at the center.
  • Through this multi-purpose center, we hope communities learn that education is an investment worth making. We are seeking individuals to volunteer their time and expertise to assist in this area.

Equal Access

  • Hope-for-Liberia plans to develop an initiative program for disabled people in the community. Students who are receiving educational scholarships will be required to volunteer some of their leisure time to help build ramps, which will allow equal access to universities for disabled and mobility-capable alike.
  • As stated in article, “Liberia: AYWDN Article On Issues Affecting Disabled People in Liberia:” “Disabled People’s views in Liberia are most of the time unnoticed, overlooked and ignored. Even though disabled people speak of issues that hinder their growth and development but much is not being done by government and other humanitarian organizations to address their concerns.” Hope-for-Liberia, does not wish to be that organization which passes them by nor never attempt to make a difference. Therefore, with assistance from students receiving scholarships through the organization and mission teams who will be traveling to Liberia, ramps will be built for disabled students who wish to receive an education, through the program, Equal Access.

Sowing Seeds

  • Hope-for-Liberia plans to develop an agriculture program which will help Liberians financially sustain themselves through farming. We will introduce farming techniques and educate people on how to properly grow and care for their crops, which will ultimately generate profit within various communities.

Water Pump

  • Many families in Liberia do not have access to clean running water in their homes and communities. As a result, some must travel miles to the nearest water-well to fetch water for cleaning, cooking and dietary purposes, but even then, sometimes the water obtained is not safe to utilize. Hope-for-Liberia would like to change this by building water pumps throughout various communities in Liberia. Our goal is to supply safe drinking water to decrease the amount of illnesses and diseases which is caused by poor sanitation.
  • We hope providing water-pumps and educating citizens about proper sanitation practices will not only help with their daily living, but also eliminate the number of illnesses that are plaguing Liberia’s communities.