Together We Can Give Hope! 


Through your kind donation, here's what we have done

We have worked since 2014 to serve the most vulnerable people in Liberia through purposeful relief and development. Our methodology is informed by our Christin beliefs that every person has intrinsic value and that is our responsibility to give hope and advocate for the poor and marginalized. 

Food, Water and clothing donation in poor areas

We provide life-changing resources such as clean water, clothing and food in the midst of unimaginable hardships. Our view of poverty is holistic and complex. We serve and work side-by-side with local leaders, responding to their needs with transformative solutions, which are both sustainable and implemented at the hands of the communities themselves.

School and OrphanagSupport

Being aware of the down-sized and less privileged conditions of children in Liberia, especially orphans ranging from lack of quality bringing and crashed dreams amongst others, we are embodied in a holistic call to see the lives of orphans transformed for positive service to Liberia and our global village.

Blind and Disabled Support

This project is designed to cater for the need of our brothers and sisters who are desperately in need of food. It aims to provide sufficient food for those who are vulnerable and are not in situations to be empowered.

Educational Support

As an institution focused to transforming live for a positive meet in our contemporary world, we have always underscore the need to improve the educational well-being of the less privileged and poor. As a means of giving them hope, we supply school materials (text books, copy book, bags, pens, pencils, school uniforms and shoes) and provide scholarship for the less fortunate .

The world is hungry, but the emptiness goes far beyond the table.

We do not serve on the basis of need alone. We strive to respect the culture and customs of the people we serve in order to preserve their humanity and dignity.

Will you make a Difference Today?

We are still counting on people like you to help us make a difference in the lives of other people.